Tricep stretch: Begin by raising your arm directly over your head with your palm facing front. Bend your elbow and try to reach the shoulder blade on the same side of you body. Use your opposite arm to push your elbow back.

Doorway stretch to the pectoralis major: Begin by placing your elbow against the frame of a door. Keep the angle between your trunk and your arm at 90 deg. Rest your forearms against the door frame. Step forward with one foot to feel the stretch.

Infraspinatus stretch: Extend your arm out directly in front of you and bend your elbow across your body. With your other hand gently pull your elbow across your body.

Upper trapezius stretch: Lean your head to the side trying to bring your ear towards your shoulder without lifting your shoulder

Levator scapulae stretch: Begin by placing one arm as in the first part of the triceps stretch. Look towards your opposite hip and use you free hand to gently pull your head towards your hip.

Latissimus dorsi stretch: Raise both arms overhead and place palms together interlocking fingers. At shoulders lift arms upwards with fingers remaining intertwined.

Axial extension: Pull your chin down and backwards as if trying to make a double chin.